“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others have thrown at him.”

My Story

Kirt Webster

A funny thing happened to Kirt Webster on the way to his own unexpected notoriety…

Like the Wizard of Oz.  Kirt Webster has masterfully worked the dials behind the screens to illuminate his chosen land of the fantastic and the fanciful with bombastic bursts of eventful and often awe-inspiring sound and lights. So has been his approach to the land of entertainment.   Webster has been nothing if not the skilled ringmaster of the artistic—a man in charge of directing the sequence of the three-ring circus that is show business.

He came by his flair for the business of entertainment quite naturally. His early absorption in music and his relationship with his uncle, Murl “Doc” Webster, who was successful in the carnival trade, left the young Kirt with a fascination for the artistry and ‘smoke and mirrors’ skill it takes to entertain an audience, or successfully direct the business careers of those that do.

Growing up in Arizona he chose the inroads of country music radio and live touring concerts to provide access to the fringes of his dream of working with major artists in Nashville. As a teen, Kirt would dummy fake “all access” backstage passes to get closer to the pulse beat of the music industry and to the performers he was listening to on radio and now meeting on tour. Worthy to note that several of these “road built” relationships were destined to become his earliest publicity clients. Associations that would become long-term business relationships and friendships included major name artists of the day such as Janie Fricke and Freddy Fender who met him initially on tour when Kirt was still too young to vote.

In 1995, and just breaking 20, Webster packed his Chevy S-10 Blazer with dreams and determination to reach for the stars and headed for Nashville.  Setting up Webster Public Relations — first in his small apartment and soon after in a cramped space on Music Row, he soon became “the buzz” in the small town music clique of Nashville.  His reputation of working 24/7 in pursuit of news placement for his clients combined with his innate ability to create “events,” that made news, quickly positioned Webster PR as a fast runner.


Hard work and determination laid the foundation for numerous music industry honors and awards.

Hall of Fame

Kirt Webster has represented dozens are artists in the Country Music Hall of Fame, Songwriter Hall of Fame, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Grand Ole Opry

Kirt Webster has represented over 30 Grand Ole Opry members to date.  Click below to view a list of artists.


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